A downloadable screen mirroring tool for Windows

What Is Display Control?

MixAV Display Control is a piece of software for mirroring your computer's screen onto another computer's screen over a network.

How Do You Set It Up?

Simply launching the Display Client sets up a computer to be remotely "grabbed" by the Display Controller. The controller can then mirror the screens of all connected computers to one another with a single click. This allows you to display virtually anything you see on your screen on another computer's screen.

What Can I Use It For?

Our customers have found Display Control to be helpful for:

    • Showing timetables and maps on public displays at events
    • Monitoring servers and lab computers
    • Showing students examples of work on their own screens

They've found it useful when they need to show anything on their screen over a network.

How Does The Grid Work?

Don't be scared by all those boxes! It's actually really simple.

Along the left side of the Grid, there is one row for every screen. These are the Outputs.

Along the top of the Grid, there is one column for every screen. These are the Sources.

To mirror a screen, pick a Source column (the screen you want to copy) and an Output row (the screen you want to display this copy on). Click the checkbox where the row and the column intersect. That's it!

The process is the same, whether you're displaying on a laptop, computer screen, or projector.

What Does The Free Demo Offer?

The demo is fully functional, but each display client will close after 30 minutes. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link!

Who Uses It?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it handle full motion video?

This version is limited to 3-4 frames per second. Most games and video players will work, but only at this frame rate. If smoother video would be useful to you, email us and we'll take that into consideration in future.

Do the Display Clients need to be set up before running?

No -- setup is entirely remote. You simply run the executable on the client machine and set it up with the Controller.

How do multiple screens work?

If you have a desktop PC with more than one screen connected, or a laptop connected to an external display or projector, Display Control has the ability to control them independently. Set Windows to "Extend these displays" and each display will appear as a separate row/column in the grid.

Does it work over WiFi?

Yes, it can stream over WiFi, though performance may vary depending on how much signal strength you have.

Which programs can it be used to display?

Display Control can mirror almost any software without any special modifications. This includes everything from presentation software, word processors and web browsers, all the way to music players and image slideshows.

If in doubt, try the free demo below and see if your program works.

How do I close a display on the client end?

Just click your mouse once and press escape, and you'll have your desktop back.

Can it run on Linux/MacOS with Mono?

While we haven't tested this extensively, it may work under Mono. There is no platform-specific code in it. Try the demo. If better cross-platform support would be useful to you, email us and we'll take that into consideration in future.

Can it work over the Internet?

We haven't tested this. The general intention is for local network usage. If this would be useful to you, email us and we'll take that into consideration in future.

Why are there gaps in the Grid?

It doesn't make any sense to send a screen back into itself, and you also probably don't want to send to the screen that is running the Controller.

How secure is it?

The controller grabs an exclusive lock on clients, preventing other machines from controlling them. However, there is no encryption/proof of identity. If security is a priority to you, email us and we'll take that into consideration in future.

Does it display the mouse cursor? Or stream sound? Or cycle through screens automatically? Or create a virtual screen? Or let you preview screens in a little box?

No. If any or all of these would be useful to you, email us and we'll take that into consideration in future.

Display Control has been reported to work with most USB graphics cards (USB->VGA and USB->DVI adaptors). These are a very economical way to add another screen output.


Display Controller (Free Full Version) 1 MB
Display Client (Free Demo) 755 kB